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Comparison of Finasteride tablets

The large pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme received the patent on Propecia finasteride 1mg tablets in December 1997. Previously they had already received a patent for Proscar finasteride 5mg tablets. Interestingly, the patent for both brand names has expired in October 2014, giving other pharmaceutical manufacturers the opportunity to develop generic finasteride.

What is generic finasteride? It is identical to Propecia and Proscar but marketed under their chemical name rather than a brand name and without any advertising.

Currently there is several popular Western pharmaceuticals that produce generic finasteride 1mg: such as Trent and Actavis. Their price is approximately 10 per cent lower than Merck's Propecia tablets. But there are also similar pharmaceutical companies in other parts of the world that produce finasteride 1mg tablets such as CIPLA and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories. Their price is almost 50 to 75 per cent cheaper. A wide variety of generics is offered on the internet but they lack a strong pharmaceutical company behind them if any information about the source is provided at all.

Generic finasteride in a 5mg dose as a reference to Proscar is more widely available than tablets in 1mg dose, but its official treatment is for benign hyperplasia (BHP) rather than androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Nevertheless, many hair loss sufferers choose to buy finasteride 5mg tablets to save cost. Highly popular brands are Fincar and Finast.

This leaves the men who want to buy finasteride with a wide array of options available to them. Should you go with Propecia? The advantage is the reliability as is it the official finasteride product approved by the FDA to treat male pattern hair loss. The disadvantage is the cost though. Instead you can choose for 1mg generic finasteride which is cheaper and has the convenience of being ready to use. Last but not least, you can choose to buy Proscar or generic 5mg finasteride tablets and cut them into five pieces to approximate the required dosage. Proscar is reliable but more expensive than generic finasteride. Anyway, both are an amazing cost saver which attracts many men who suffer from hair loss to buy generic Proscar and dose them properly.

Whether you decide to buy Propecia, Proscar, or a generic variant, the effectiveness as well as the side effects will be the same. Before you buy any finasteride product to battle your hair loss make sure you are aware of the possible side effects.

Comparison of Finasteride tablets
Propecia 100 (=base value)
Generic 1mg 51 Twice as cheap as Propecia
Proscar 34 More than five times cheaper than Propecia
Generic 5mg 24 Almost 15 times cheaper than Propecia

Note: Proscar and generic 5mg finasteride tablets are split up into five pieces and thus serve for 50 days. A correction has been made for this.

The above comparison is based on a typical scenario for European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The base values are calculated according to the market prices within these countries where Propecia and Proscar must be bought with a prescription and the generic variants can only be bought online through alternative shops. Generic finasteride from Trent and Actavis are not included because the cost saving aspect is very small. In addition, these are only available as substitute for Propecia and Proscar through a doctor or hospital.

Top 3 hair loss tablets

There are several ways to construct a top 3 for anti-hair loss tablets. We can look at reviews from customers which includes feedback on results and side effects. Or we can rank them based on annual sales. If we assume that all finasteride tablets that come from a verified pharmaceutical source are equivalent in their performance, then it is appropriate to look at the latter.

  1. Propecia
  2. Generic finasteride
  3. Proscar

Propecia is sold the most because it was the first finasteride product on the market as treatment for male pattern baldness. They have been able to build up a large sales network with hair clinics and doctors. If a man goes to a hair clinic in most cases he will be prescribed Propecia. The second place is for the category generic finasteride which contains both 1mg and 5mg tablets from a variety of established pharmaceutical companies such as CIPLA and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories. Since the patent on Propecia expired many doctors started prescribing generic versions. The last place is for Proscar. This is not so strange, as these tablets are not meant for treatment of male pattern hair loss, and are therefore not prescribed by doctors to hair loss sufferers. If we include all finasteride tablets that are sold by online shops, then it is very well possible that generic finasteride topples Propecia. Unfortunately, most of these online shops sell finasteride that is produced in an underground lab and thus poses a serious risk to your health. Not the least because you have to take approximately 1mg finasteride per day forever. Make sure you buy finasteride from a reliable online shop!

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