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Alternatives to finasteride

Finasteride is the only FDA approved drug as treatment for androgenetic alopecia. But there are some alternatives that might not be as effective but could still help you improve your self-image.

Bald can be attractive

The simplest solution but at the same time for many men also the most difficult one. Just accept the fact that you are balding and that you will lose your hair over time. Whether this a feasible solution depends on the individual. Some men have no big issues with balding and show confidence and positivity which can still make them look attractive to others. Besides charisma, also the facial features and appearance play an additional role. In general, masculine features go along well with a bald head. Think of a strong brow with square jawline and medium sized nose. Same is true for the body type. A bald head fits best with a fit and strong body rather than overweight or very thin. Last but not least, personal care. That speaks for itself. Most men do not fit into this category and therefore another solution might be more appropriate to achieve a handsome look when suffering from hair loss.

Combing to cover

The quickest and hassle-free solution to covering up bald spots on your head is to comb the hair over the bald spot, thereby covering it. Most young men who experience hair loss will experience a receding hairline and less density on their vertex. The most common thing to do is to leave the hair on top of your head longer to conceal the thinner hair density on your vertex, and comb a hair separation line in the middle at the front, so that the hair falls over the balding temples. This looks still natural and is widely accepted. In other words, observers won't perceive this as a desperate attempt to cover your balding. However, as time moves forward your thinning areas will become larger and bald spots start to appear. At this time, you'll have to start flipping your hair from the side over to the top of your head. This approach has been popular for many decades and many men choose for this including famous politicians, athletes, and celebrities. Nevertheless, most casual observers think it looks odd. If you have the chance you should avoid this situation. Don't wait too long and start taking finasteride on a daily base to prevent further hair loss that leads to this typical male pattern baldness.


Although not a real cure for male baldness, taking in a healthy diet with balanced vitamin amounts can be beneficial to your hair; it makes your hair look shiny and fit. Vitamins that have shown to improve the condition of scalp hair are vitamin C and B. It prevents the hair from becoming dry and breaking. Other vitamins that promote healthy hair are E and A, which are also known as antioxidants. They make your immune system stronger, improve your blood circulation, and support the production of sebum which is an oil secreted by the scalp to protect the skin and hair from external factors such as climate and water.

Hair powders

Another alternative to finasteride which can be beneficial if you are in an early stage of hair loss is using hair powders. It will make your hair look thicker and give it more volume, while also improving the texture. Applying hair thickening powder also allows you to style your hair easier. However, if you are losing hair this approach won't prevent you from going bald. It will not stop hair loss and trigger hair regrowth like finasteride does.

Hair transplantation

If your hair is in a phase that many hair follicles in bald spots have died and therefore hair regrowth with finasteride use is not possible anymore, you could start thinking about a surgical intervention. Although not too many technological advancements have been made such as hair cloning, the hair clinics have become pretty good at restoring your hair with a natural look. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. The price depends on how many grafts you will need and whether you choose for the FUE or FUT technique. The FUT technique is the oldest and requires to surgically remove a strip of skin on your scalp so that the hair follicles can be removed and transplanted to your bald spots. It is more efficient and thus suitable if you require a large bald area to be restored. With the FUE method, they will extract the hair follicles straight from your scalp which is less intensive from a patient's perspective. It will take longer to collect hair follicles and it is therefore more appropriate for smaller sessions.

It is recommended that you avoid reaching a male pattern baldness phase with large bald spots that do not contain active hair follicles anymore. If you start with finasteride on time, you can grow back most of your hair and forget about some of these rather unlucky alternative solutions. A treatment with finasteride will be highly effective but be aware that some men experience side effects that precede over the benefits. If you decide to buy finasteride it will be beneficial to eat healthy and exercise, preferably not smoking and a moderate alcohol intake, as well as avoiding stress, to make your hair look healthy and reap all the benefits from a finasteride treatment.

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