Buy finasteride

If you want to buy finasteride to battle your hair loss you have come to the right place! Because the purpose of this website is to provide all information about finasteride and male pattern baldness that you need, to make a well-considered buying decision.

Where to buy finasteride?

Finasteride can be bought online as well as from conventional stores. If you have the option to buy from a store then it is highly recommended to do so, as these drug stores operate according to the pharmacy law that applies to their market. Unfortunately, many men who suffer from hair loss do not have this option available to them because of two reasons. Firstly, finasteride 1mg sold under Propecia or as generic requires a prescription from a doctor. This can be quite troublesome for a lot of men out there. Secondly, if you have the prescription you will still need to buy it at a pharmacy and they are not covered by your health insurance. Large pharmaceutical companies aim for maximising profit and as a result the prices for 1mg finasteride tablets are outrageous. If you want to buy finasteride 5mg to treat your hair loss from a pharmacy you are in bad luck. It is not possible to receive a prescription from a doctor for 5mg tablets if you don't suffer from an enlarged prostate which this medication's intended use is for. Another option is to buy finasteride online. Although it is less reliable the cost saving aspect can be enormous.

Buy finasteride online

Many online shops sell finasteride tablets but most of the stores are not transparent which makes them very unreliable. Follow these steps to assure you receive pharma grade tablets.

  1. Always make sure that the online shop's complete contact details are available on their website and that they are easy to reach for customer support.
  2. The finasteride tablets they have on offer should clearly state who is the manufacturer, and an online instruction leaflet that can be consulted before you place the order.
  3. The instruction leaflet should contain a report about the manufacturer's own clinical testing as well as their complete contact details.

Another advantage of an online shop compared to the traditional pharmacy is that you have the option to buy 5mg finasteride tablets. There are several important factors that you should take into consideration when comparing finasteride tablets. Propecia, Proscar, generic, and 1mg and 5mg tablets all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Finasteride variants

Once you have found a reliable online shop that matches with the conditions mentioned above, you can be convinced that the finasteride you buy from them is genuine. Most reliable online shops that do not require a prescription only sell generic finasteride such as Trent and Actavis but some also offer the possibility to buy Propecia and Proscar. In regard to the latter, the above precautions hold even more firm as most online shops will either send you unknown generic finasteride or counterfeit. However, some online shops that operate from a country where finasteride is available over the counter, can supply authentic Propecia and alike.